Remuneration and benefits

At Nedbank, we truly value our employees. Not only do we pay them salaries that are well in-line with the market, but we also offer them multiple opportunities to make their money and time go even further.

By looking at the most common and important needs of our team, we've found ways to add even more value to working at Nedbank through a series of remuneration and benefit options that are sure to get you feeling the love.


Here are just some of the ways in which we show our employees their value:

  • Retirement funds and Life Assurance

  • Financial assistance

  • Health benefits

  • Flexible working practices

  • Discretionary leave

  • Deals and discounts

  • Nedbank Running Club

  • Dr Holsboer holiday accommodation

  • Social responsibility leave

  • Religious holidays

  • Employee Volunteerism Programme

  • Performance management

Rewarding high performers

Our top achiever recognition programme is constantly reviewed and designed to keep our team energised and focused on being the difference that impacts our world.

The Nedbank People Promise is our commitment to being a force for good in the world; it’s our pledge to ‘be the difference that impacts our world’. Recognition is a key element of our People Promise and culture, because it encourages and inspires us as Nedbankers to constantly reach higher and to be the difference the world needs.

Our recognition programme is our way of celebrating people and teams who are living our People Promise.

Here are just some of the recognition categories we hold in great esteem:


Making a purpose-driven impact.

Our purpose-led recognition programme showcases colleagues who live our purpose with passion, and are a force for good for Nedbank and our broader stakeholders and environment. This award is to recognise colleagues who use their financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses, and society while they enable dreams with expertise and care through their day-to-day actions.

Service Excellence.

Going the distance.

The service excellence award is to recognise our staff who put our customers first, always. Our teams award a service excellence badge to a colleague who has gone the distance and delivered service excellence with purpose in every action and interaction with a customer.

Growth and development.

Your potential is our impact.

The growth and development award recognises our staff who grow to know more and be more. They are adaptable, flexible and open to new ways of being and doing.

They understand that they continuously grow and develop to ensure current and future personal, professional and business success.

At Nedbank, we grow our people and our business to create the impact we want to see.

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