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We have a proven track-record in the industry thanks to our selection of some of the top experts in corporate and investment banking. Our philosophy and passion for diverse thinking sets us apart, making us the perfect place to start your career.

Not only are we on the hunt for the best minds to join our Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Graduate Programme, but we also offer the best industry exposure. We’re looking for #YoungDifferenceMakers to join our team as we carve a distinct future. Our financial experts excel at doing business, but they’re also passionate about doing good for society. If you believe you can write your own unique success story that can bring change to our continent, the country and your own life, then you’re the right person.

What qualifications are we looking for?

  • Computer science
  • Engineering (all fields)
  • Information technology
  • Data and analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Finance and economics

What makes our programme different?

We see our graduates as part of our leadership pipeline, and that is why our graduate programme offers the following:

  • A four-month Foundational Corporate and Investment Banking programme offered by an international service provider.
  • A 12-month programme covering elements such as personal leadership and the latest developments in fintech, business acumen and systems thinking, offering you the opportunity to be involved with a Nedbank CIB-endorsed corporate social investment project as well as action learning projects.
  • Permanent employment if you’re accepted  into the graduate programme, offering you unique Nedbank experience.
  • Standard employee benefits and the opportunity to engage with top-management teams about the vision for CIB.

What’s in it for you?

By joining our CIB graduate programme, you’ll have:

  • The chance to accelerate your career by working with top industry leaders;
  • exposure to theoretical and practical training;
  • access to an alumni network of peers, based on a joint experience; and
  • the opportunity to learn how to bring changes in a big business through disruption and innovation.

What does Nedbank CIB look like?

CIB Business Units


CIB is made up of five business units that offer specialised services and expertise.

1.1 Client Coverage | Managing Executive: Ashraf Patel

Our Client Coverage team offers world-class risk-management wholesale banking services to large companies and the public sector. Their expertise and deep understanding of our clients' businesses enable us to provide sound solutions and give globally relevant advice.

1.2 Public Sector | Managing Executive: Remo Moyo

The Public Sector team develops innovative, state-of-the-art transactional, funding and investment solutions for each client.

2 Investment Banking | Managing Executive: Brad Maxwell

Our Investment Banking team specialises in commodity-based financing solutions, from raw commodity procurement to production and consumption.

3. Markets | Managing Executive: James Glover

Our Market experts provide corporations and institutions, such as fund managers, pension funds and insurance companies, with the market insight to raise funds, manage risk and execute trades successfully.

4. Property Finance | Managing Executive: Gary Garrett

Our Property Finance team is the market leader in commercial property finance, specialising in transaction-specific solutions for a diverse range of clients and partnerships.

5. Transactional Services | Managing Executive: Francis Brand

Our Transactional Services team works hard to help our clients improve cashflow, optimise liquidity and minimise risk by giving them access to our suite of cash management, global trade and other working-capital solutions.

CIB Support Teams


Finance, Marketing and Strategy | Managing Executive: Karel Janse Van Rensburg

Together, Finance, Marketing and Strategy work to make sure that we have the strategic planning, research data insights, digital know-how and marketing clout to take advantage of new opportunities to create solutions that make a difference.

Risk | Managing Executive: Neil Mccarthy

The Risk team supports our clients' business growth through credit, market, legal, conduct and operational-risk management based on current market forces and guided by good corporate governance.

Compliance | Managing Executive: Bongani Sibanyoni

Our Governance and Compliance team makes sure that the bank complies with internal, industry and governmental rules and policies by advising on, monitoring and reporting risk.

HR | Managing Executive: Shamelle Maharaj

The HR team is all about the people of Nedbank. They handle employee-related queries, talent acquisition, organisational effectiveness and host a series of programmes related to learning and development.

Client Operations | Managing Executive: Michelle Krengel

The Client Operations team welcomes new clients to the bank, structures funding support and offers tax advisory services. 

Corporate Shared Services | Managing Executive: Murray Stocks

This is the transaction delivery and service centre that processes and services wholesale products across the bank. The team handles global trade, foreign and local payments, cash handling and electronic banking. 

Chief Digital Officer: Jonathan Haenen

Digital is a key component of our strategy. The Digital Office team helps maximise the business value underpinning our large technology investments and accelerates digital transformation.

How to Apply

Our applications for our 2022 intake are open and close 30 June 2021.
Click here to apply: CIB Graduate Programme 2022

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