Corporate and investment banking

Boasting some of the top experts in corporate and investment banking we have a proven track-record in the industry. Our philosophy and passion for diverse thinking sets us apart, making us the right place to start your career!

Not only are we on the hunt for the best minds to join Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Graduate Programme, but we’re also offering the best when it comes to exposure. We’re looking for the best minds to join our team as we carve a distinct future. Our financial experts excel at doing business, but they’re also passionate about doing good for society. If you believe you can write your own unique success story, one that can bring change to our continent, the country and your own life, you’re the right person.

What qualifications are we looking for?

  • Computer science (Data driven disciplines)
  • Engineering (Core focus on computer, software and information security engineering)
  • Quantitative analytics
  • Financial engineering

What makes our programme different?

We see our graduates as part of our leadership pipeline, and that is why our graduate programme offers the following:

  • A six-week investment banking foundation programme offered by and international service provider.
  • An 18-month programme covering elements such as personal leadership and the latest developments in fintech and design thinking methodology, thereby offering you the opportunity to be involved with Nedbank CIB-endorsed corporate social investment project as well as action learning projects.
  • An opportunity to travel to two international destinations (one in Africa) by the second year of the programme for the top-five graduates.
  • Permanent employment upon acceptance of the graduate programme offer, providing you with a unique Nedbank experience.
  • Standard employee benefits and an opportunity to engage with top-management teams about the vision for CIB.

What’s in it for you?

By joining our Nedbank CIB graduate programme, you’ll have:

  • The chance to accelerate your career by working with top industry leaders;
  • Exposure to theoretical and practical training;
  • Access to an alumni network of peers, based on a joint performance experience; and
  • The opportunity to learn how to effect changes in big business through disruption and innovation.

What does Nedbank CIB look like?

Nedbank CIB covers several key areas of operation.

Client coverage

Client coverage is dedicated and trusted banking advisory team with a solid track record in providing world-class risk-management wholesale banking services to large companies and the public sector.

Investment banking

Specialising in commodity-based financing solutions, the Investment Banking division covers all aspects of commodities, form the procurement of raw commodities to production and consumption.


Markets are one of the client-facing divisions within NCIB. It serves institutional clients (such as fund managers, pension funds and insurance companies) and corporations by helping them raise funding, manage risk across asset classes and execute trades, as well as providing them with up-to-date market insight.

Property finance

To maintain its reputation as the market leader in the commercial-property finance sector, NCIB Property Finance specialises in creating transaction-specific solutions for a diverse range of clients and partnerships.

Transactional services

Our Transactional Services team provides clients with access to a comprehensive suite of cash management, global trade and other working-capital solutions, helping them improve cash flow, optimise liquidity and minimise risk. It delivers innovative solutions and services across a broad spectrum of clients and sectors supported by dedicated sales teams, industry specialists and product experts.

Finance, strategy and marketing

Strategy and Research are responsible for delivering CIB’s strategic planning as well as providing research that highlights strategic business opportunities. The team is also responsible for leveraging the strategic alliance and investment relationships within CIB and facilitating strategic conversations to further business enablement within the cluster. Analytics and Reporting are responsible for providing holistic client intelligence and analysis, combining multiple data sources to provide better understanding of businesses and clients through tools such as dashboards and reports. The Disruption team is responsible for implementing projects that respond to the digital disruption that is occurring at every level of the financial services industry.

The Marketing team consists of client insights, brand and advertising. Some of the brand and advertising team’s work includes developing advertising campaigns (TV, print, digital, billboards, radio), supporting CIB’s participation in industry conferences and project-managing activations across conferences (stand designs, handouts, collateral), direct marketing (website content and maintenance, brochures), and supporting the events and PR teams with the design and production of marketing collateral (invitations, banners, branding for gifts, communications templates).


CIB Risk integrates risk functions with different operating models. The CIB Risk structure is positioned to ensure that our key risk functions can focus on their core deliverables, with cross-cutting functions supporting the delivery of risk programmes. Our focus is on managing the existing book and nimbly supporting business growth through efficient credit, market, legal, conduct and operational-risk management while maintaining awareness of the forces shaping our industry, and ensuring good corporate governance.

Corporate shared services

The CIB Customer Service desk (NCIB CS) is the delivery and service centre for transactional processing and is primarily responsible for the processing and servicing of wholesale products in support of Nedbank clients across CIB, Retail and Business Banking and the Rest of Africa. The area processes global trade, transactions including foreign and local payments, cash handling and electronic banking for these customers.

Client operations

Client Operations seeks to provide seamless client onboarding, structured funding support and tax advisory services that delight our clients and the businesses we serve.


The governance and compliance function, among other things, performs an advisory, monitoring, a risk reporting and an education role to support management’s supervisory responsibility and its efforts to achieve compliance with internal, industry and government rules and policies.

Human resources

CIB HR deals with human capital affairs such as employee-related queries, talent acquisition, organisational effectiveness as well as learning-and-development-related programmes.

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