Contract Jobs

Contract jobs last for the lifetime of a specific project or need within the bank. This is a chance for immediate experience with the flexibility to move and adapt.

Contract Jobs

We need expertise and assistance, across the business

Contract positions open up across Nedbank’s business, including Group Risk, IT, project management, investment management, operations, administration, HR, financing and marketing.
A contract position is just as crucial to our business as a permanent one. We’re looking for people who can hit the ground running and align themselves to Nedbank’s values immediately. We want self-starters and innovative thinkers who understand deadlines to help us reach our long-term goals.

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Associate: Domestic Payments Product
Johannesburg, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Experienced Professionals Johannesburg-Associate-Domestic-Payments-Product
Johannesburg, ZA Experienced Professionals 22-Jan-2018
Junior Claims Manager Life
Durban, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Wealth Insurance & Investments Durban-Junior-Claims-Manager-Life
Durban, ZA Wealth Insurance & Investments 22-Jan-2018
Consultant Special Litigation Defended
Pretoria, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Risk Governance & Credit Pretoria-Consultant-Special-Litigation-Defended
Pretoria, ZA Risk Governance & Credit 22-Jan-2018
Team Leader: Client Service
Matatiele, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Banking Matatiele-Team-Leader-Client-Service
Matatiele, ZA Banking 22-Jan-2018
MIS Analyst
Polokwane, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km IT Analysis & Projects Polokwane-MIS-Analyst
Polokwane, ZA IT Analysis & Projects 22-Jan-2018
Process Analyst
Johannesburg, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Wealth Insurance & Investments Johannesburg-Process-Analyst
Johannesburg, ZA Wealth Insurance & Investments 22-Jan-2018
Sales and Service Consultant
Engcobo, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Banking Engcobo-Sales-and-Service-Consultant
Engcobo, ZA Banking 22-Jan-2018
Multifunctional Consultant
Durban, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Administration & Operations Durban-Multifunctional-Consultant
Durban, ZA Administration & Operations 22-Jan-2018
Multifunctional Consultant
Vryheid, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Banking Vryheid-Multifunctional-Consultant
Vryheid, ZA Banking 22-Jan-2018
Multifunctional and Bulk Consultant
Malmesbury, ZA 22-Jan-2018 0.00 km Banking Malmesbury-Multifunctional-and-Bulk-Consultant
Malmesbury, ZA Banking 22-Jan-2018