Administration and Operations Jobs

Nedbank needs people who are organised, alert and ready to offer both professional support functions and mission-critical operations.

Administration and Operations Jobs

On-hand support.
Smooth operations

Our administrative colleagues offer crucial support to each of Nedbank’s business divisions. This ranges from client services and application processing to event planning, data entries, and executive assistance. You should be switched on, forward planning, and deft with the details.

Operations is made up of skilled professionals with strong backgrounds in business administration, planning, co-ordination, customer service or management. We rely on administrators to provide important support services for our operations in South Africa and beyond. The spectrum ranges from property services, facilities, operations processing, administrators and receptionists.

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Officer New Business Payouts
Pretoria, ZA 21-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations Pretoria-Officer-New-Business-Payouts
Pretoria, ZA Administration & Operations 21-Feb-2017
Artisan Electrical -105 West Street Sandton
Johannesburg, ZA 20-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations Johannesburg-Artisan-Electrical-105-West-Street-Sandton
Johannesburg, ZA Administration & Operations 20-Feb-2017
Excon Vetting Officer
Roodepoort, ZA 20-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations,Banking Roodepoort-Excon-Vetting-Officer
Roodepoort, ZA Administration & Operations,Banking 20-Feb-2017
Property Finance Administrator
Cape Town, ZA 18-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations Cape-Town-Property-Finance-Administrator
Cape Town, ZA Administration & Operations 18-Feb-2017
Facilities Supervisor-Menlyn Maine
Pretoria, ZA 16-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations Pretoria-Facilities-Supervisor-Menlyn-Maine
Pretoria, ZA Administration & Operations 16-Feb-2017
Remediation Officer
Durban, ZA 14-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations Durban-Remediation-Officer
Durban, ZA Administration & Operations 14-Feb-2017
Property Finance Administrator
Johannesburg, ZA 14-Feb-2017 0.00 km Young Professionals,Administration & Operations,Ba Johannesburg-Property-Finance-Administrator
Johannesburg, ZA Young Professionals,Administration & Operations,Ba 14-Feb-2017
Administrator: BST
Johannesburg, ZA 10-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations,Banking Johannesburg-Administrator-BST
Johannesburg, ZA Administration & Operations,Banking 10-Feb-2017
Administrator Client Service Support (Contract)
Johannesburg, ZA 10-Feb-2017 0.00 km Administration & Operations,Banking Johannesburg-Administrator-Client-Service-Support-%28Contract%29
Johannesburg, ZA Administration & Operations,Banking 10-Feb-2017