What our people say

“I’m a people’s person and I was more than pleased to learn that there is a lot more to a quant than the average conceptions that exist. My soft skills have improved a great deal as the programme made me learn new things. Organising a meet and greet was something I enjoyed doing and dealing with the grads is another aspect I love. Since the STP consists of the quants and CAs, interacting with the CAs has helped us see things from a different perspective and build new relationships.”

– Tasneem Joseph, Quantitative Analyst Trainee

“I joined Nedbank in 2014 with the goal of getting people management experience in HR. I’m naturally an ambitious and hardworking person, so coming into an environment where hard work, passion and curiosity are valued saw me get involved in a number of exciting projects. I really believe to thrive at Nedbank you have to be a driven individual who does not take no for an answer. I have been extremely blessed to have had managers and other leaders take a keen interest in my growth and career.”

– Ntswaki Raboroko, Head: Talent Acquisition

“The Nedbank CA Training Programme has been an incredible experience filled with everything from professional and personal development to the formation of life-long relationships. The reason I believe it’s the best comes down to three key features of how the programme is structured: culture, choosing your own rotations and the fact it’s trainee-driven. Through this programme, I have laid a strong foundation for my future career and have set myself up for success in many ways.”

– Kwesi Twum-Darko, CA Trainee: Specialised Finance

“Authenticity, people-centricity and integrity – these are but a handful of reasons I chose to work for Nedbank. Every day I learn that what Nedbank stands for is genuinely ingrained in the culture of the business and its people. It is evident that we strive to use our financial expertise to do good and #BeTheDifference that South Africa needs. This is a place that is allowing me to reach my potential and go above and beyond. I’m exceptionally proud to be a part of this organisation.”

– Minyon Ferrero, CA Trainee

At Nedbank, we grow our people and our business to create the impact we want to see.

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