As a responsible South African business, it’s our duty and privilege to contribute to the social upliftment of our community. We care about many social causes. Including conservation of the environment, education, sports development and orphaned and vulnerable children. We are and will always continue to be passionate about being involved in supporting worthy causes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our community is our concern: now and always. We’re permanently striving to demonstrate our commitment to, and effectiveness in responding appropriately to the challenges of our communities, through support and growth. These challenges and the growth we nurture are the keys to our sustainable success: both as a business and as a green and caring bank. Our key areas of focus include the support of the environment, the arts, youth and sports. The core of our commitment lies within the Nedbank Foundation. We align ourselves with supporting the implementation of the National Development Plan and to play our part in supporting government, non-governmental organisations, communities and other stakeholders that are committed to building our society through sustainable solutions.

Job creation

Nedbank prides itself in not only creating working experiences for our youth, but creating job opportunities to empower their future careers. We support the need to educate and set young people up for success by engaging in the Youth Employment Services (YES) programme. This programme aims to create one million employment opportunities for unemployed black youth, and to transform the lives of these young people while helping to grow the businesses in which they are placed. In May 2019 Nedbank took on previously unemployed young people who began their 12-month YES journey with Nedbank and its sponsored implementation partners. We successfully implemented YES 2019 and onboarded our first group of candidates. Despite a difficult year and global economic climate, Nedbank is still fully invested in our YES youth, encouraging them as they’ve made a significant impact in the roles they fulfilled. We look forward to welcoming more candidates to the programme soon.


At Nedbank, we understand that we operate in a world that’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Each and every day our situation changes. Bold and courageous leadership that embraces new ways of thinking and doing — and unites rather than polarises — is what’s needed to create a truly sustainable business. Nedbank is — and continues to be — up to this challenge. Did you know, for example, that 85% of our building portfolio is Green Star-rated? Or that we were named Africa’s first carbon-neutral financial organisation in 2010? To prove our dedication to sustainability, we have received numerous awards that recognise our efforts in managing our business sustainably, and while we do not work to win awards, we appreciate receiving them as confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

At Nedbank, we grow our people and our business to create the impact we want to see.

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Top Empowerment Awards - Youth Employment Services (YES) Award