Adapting to a new age

It is no surprise that the word ‘unprecedented’ has been used as often as it has in recent months. The Covid-19 global pandemic brought the world to its knees, and business as we know it, quickly became a thing of the past. Global economies, businesses and individuals were all forced to blindly find ways of adapting. While the crisis indeed continues, the dust is beginning to settle and we are able to reflect on how, as an employer, we’ve adapted to best meet the needs of our team.

With lockdown imminent, we needed to act fast in ensuring that work could continue. Despite many areas of the bank being considered essential services, we encouraged those who could, to work from home and equipped them with the necessary software and hardware to keep communication as fluid as possible. Online meetings fast replaced the traditional boardroom setting and emails flew thick and fast, but despite the best efforts of this dreaded disease, we have endured. Our teams have risen to the occasion and productivity has continued on all fronts. For those who have been required to work in an essential services capacity at our offices or branches, the most stringent of safety measures are in place and enforced to protect not only our staff but our clients too. Our teams have adapted to a socially distanced manner of client and colleague interaction and will continue to do so for as long as it is needed.

Suffice to say, we have learnt an incredible deal about the ways in which we can adapt to situations to ensure the best working environment for our staff. We have learnt that we can use technology to try new ways of working, ways that have opened up more flexible work practices, without ever compromising on the quality of work we provide to our clients. We have learnt that we can use the resources at our disposal to solve problems quickly and concisely and create new solutions to the changing needs of the South African market. We have learnt that we can launch new products and services from our home offices. We have learnt that we can be part of a team without being in the same room. One of our biggest learnings from Covid-19, however, has been the rise of an incredibly important trait during this time – one which will remain ingrained in our culture – Nedbankers working together in the most trying of times towards our shared goal. Our people have continued to #BeTheDifference.

At Nedbank, we grow our people and our business to create the impact we want to see.

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